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We are a smart and fun group of people who want to build great technology products that can radically change the way people engage and transact with businesses on their mobile phones. If you are high on energy, higher on smarts and highest on fun, come join our Engineering, Creative or Business team to be a part of this journey. Email your resume at teammates@fehype.com


FeHype a social platform for business and professinals.

  • Is FeHype a Wallet?

    No, FeHype is not a wallet. We belief that your money should remain in your bank account till it is meant to be spent.

  • How safe is FeHype?

    FeHype works on National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI)'s payment platform and is very safe. FeHype uses 2 factors of authentication as prescribed by RBI. Any transaction can be done only by you on your mobile phone alone. For any transaction you need to enter your MPIN which is known only to you. Please do not share this MPIN with anybody. FeHype uses bank grade security and all transactions initiated over FeHype are carried out over secure bank networks with 256 bit data encryption.

  • How to split payments with friends?

    With FeHype you can split payments in your group of family or friends. You can add members to this Group from your contact list. You can create the activity for which you want to split payments from Activity Tab and the split amounts between the group members. You can send or request money from Settle tab to split the payments in the group.

  • How fast is a transaction over FeHype?

    As fast as it can get! All payments linked bank account complete within seconds.

  • What if I lose my phone?

    If you lose your phone, the MPIN required to authorize all transaction will not be known to a third person and hence he will not be able to use FeHype.

  • Do money transfers happen on FeHype only during banking hours?

    All payments are instant and 24/7, regardless of your bank's working hours!

  • FeHype don't seem to require passwords/OTPs etc. How can you assure me FeHype is secure?

    FeHype uses your mobile number and your secret MPIN to uniquely identify and authorize each of your transactions. This makes our system absolutely robust and secure.

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